The Turtle Who Was A Boy

The Turtle Who Was A Boy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Story SMCJ

Here is my final postcard

Back from the..nest?

Well, I figure I should post something since it has been quite some time. So, with the demise of my Kickstarter I then tried to find an agent to possible shop my book around. Sadly, to no avail and I put this on the back burner. I have since restarted my efforts to get this going again. I have since found a critique group to read my story over...and over...and over again. Luckily/frustratingly, I have had a good response to my story so I am at a loss as to why an agent hasn't wanted to pick this up yet. I have two options currently. First, I can send my story to a professional editor to get a deeper insight of my story, and more importantly, the feasibility of it getting published. Second, I can start to shop this around to publishers. Finding a publisher may be easier then an agent as you can look at their catalog and gauge how your idea/book would fit into it. The downside is you will go in blind if you do get a contract. But, this is the hand that is dealt to me right now. I think I will post here until I get some traction. Hopefully I will. If you see any 'news' on the Facebook page, then that is a good sign.